How to choose a mattress? How to choose an independent spring mattress

by:JLH Mattress     2022-01-18

Friends who have stayed in hotels will have obvious feelings that their mattresses are more comfortable to sleep than their own. At that time, let yourself buy a mattress. The cheap one is not very dare to buy, the expensive one There are tens of thousands at every turn, and I am afraid that I will pay IQ tax. Then how should I choose a mattress? Everyone has different needs for mattresses, so the editor of Debao Home Furnishing will help you to explain the choice of softer independent mattresses from the perspective of young people.

How to choose a spring mattress

When we choose a mattress, we can first look at the material. Take the whole mesh spring + environmentally friendly brown mattress as an example. One of its characteristics is its hardness. There is also the linkage of the mattress. When you move, it will feel like an earthquake to the people around you. You can be awakened several times a night. This is a nightmare for us who sleep late, but the advantages of the independent spring mattress at this time It can be reflected.

Independent spring mattresses usually refer to independent pocket spring mattresses. The so-called independent bag means that after each independent spring is pressed, a non-woven bag is filled into the bag, and the arrangement is connected and glued together to form a bed net

The characteristics of independent springs


1. Independent spring mattresses. Because each spring mattress operates individually, it can be independently supported and stretched independently, so even if the two people lying on it turn over, it will not affect the other person and ensure sleep. The comfort and stability.

2. Each spring is made of a strong steel wire wound into a 'bucket shapeThe noise made by springs rubbing against each other and shaking. A three-section split spring designed strictly in accordance with the principles of ergonomics. It can contract freely in accordance with the curve and weight of the human body, support each part of the body in a balanced manner, and keep the spine naturally straight, so that the muscles can be fully relaxed. Reduce the number of turning over during sleep.

When we buy a spring mattress, we must learn to observe. The main observation is the appearance of the spring mattress. We can use our eyes to see if the spring mattress is average, and at the same time to see if the surface is flat, and also to observe Are the corners tightly fit?

Okay, the above is the selection method of independent mattresses. If you have more mattresses you want to consult, you can click on our Jlh Mattress https://www.jlhmattress.com/ for more information.

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