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How to choose mattress fabric

How to choose mattress fabric


The fabric is the material on the top surface of the mattress, which is in direct contact with people and plays a role of protection and beauty.

There are many types of mattress surface fabrics. Some of the more common mattress fabrics are knitted fabrics, sofa fabrics, bamboo fiber fabrics, bamboo charcoal fiber fabrics, 3D fabrics, cotton and linen fabrics, gold and silver silk fabrics, etc.

Four mainstream mattress fabrics in the market

High quality knitted fabric

A fabric formed by bending the yarn into a loop with a knitting needle and stringing each other, the weight is an important technical indicator of knitted fabric. The heavier the weight of the knitted product, the thicker the texture.

In addition to good wrinkle resistance and air permeability, it also has greater extensibility and elasticity. The surface is covered with large and small elliptical pores, which can absorb and evaporate water. It has a thick and plump three-layer structure that makes it better air permeable.

Bamboo charcoal fabric

Bamboo charcoal fiber is made of moso bamboo as raw material, manufactured by new calcination process and new technology with high temperature pure oxygen and nitrogen barrier time delay.

Its unique fiber structure design is moisture absorbing, breathable, antibacterial, warm in winter and cool in summer, environmental protection and other characteristics. so some friends who have a lot of sweat and often exercise, it is suitable to choose this kind of fabric mattress.

Bamboo fiber fabric

Bamboo fiber fabric is produced by patented technology, using bamboo as raw material. Processed by a special high-tech process, extracting the cellulose from the bamboo and woven into a new type of fabric.

It has the characteristics of soft and warm, antibacterial, moisture absorption and breathability, environmental protection, anti-ultraviolet, natural health care, comfortable and beautiful. The mattress made of bamboo fiber fabric has the characteristics of bamboo, and has good anti-mildew and insect-proof performance.

High-grade plush fabric

The flannel is made of polyester fiber and is made by acupuncture process. This fabric is required to be short, dense and even. It feels very soft and smooth to touch gently with your hands. Soft, comfortable and excellent in keeping warm, this kind of mattress is suitable for winter.

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