How to choose the mattress that is most suitable for you?

by:JLH Mattress     2023-03-04

With the acceleration of the pace of life today, people's sleep problems are also increasing. It is not easy to get a good sleep, and the mattress is the key factor affecting our sleep quality. How to choose a mattress can make yourself sleep How comfortable is it? There are so many brands and types of mattresses on the market now, many people will fall into difficulty in choosing a mattress, so today I will help you sort out the common mattress types at present, take a look at our What should you pay attention to when choosing a mattress?

How to choose the most suitable mattress for you? The first step is to understand the characteristics of each mattress and eliminate some mattress types that you don't like. The common mattress types currently on the market are: 1. Sponge mattresses. I believe that many people have slept on the sponge mattress. It is a mattress with a very high occurrence rate in popular families. The biggest reason is that its price is lower. The price of a mattress filled with sponge is cheaper than that filled with natural latex. There are many, and the high-quality memory foam and high-density cotton are also very good for sleeping. 2. Latex mattresses. Natural latex mattresses are made of natural oak sap, which is environmentally friendly and healthy. The molecular structure of natural latex is extremely special. It has good air permeability, dust mites, and inhibits the growth of bacteria and parasites, but the price is relatively high. , the latex mattresses with lower prices on the market are all made of synthetic latex. Synthetic latex is a chemical product that emits pungent odors and is not conducive to human health. So if we don’t have the budget to buy natural latex mattresses, we can choose Don't buy synthetic latex for other types of mattresses! 3. Palm mattresses. How to choose a palm mattress? Palm mattresses use different raw materials and different processing methods, so the hardness of the mattress will also be different. At present, there are two types of palm mattresses in the domestic market, coconut palm and mountain palm. They are only divided into soft and hard materials, and there is not much difference in quality. The thickness of each mountain palm mat is at least 4 cm. Distinguishing the quality of brown mattresses mainly depends on the glue used. According to reports, the adhesive used in high-quality mattresses is natural latex, while the inferior ones use chemical adhesives. In addition to the above popular mattress types, there are also silicone mattresses, air mattresses, water mattresses, etc., but they are not very commonly used.

We also have a reference when we choose a mattress. How to choose a mattress? The first is to smell, whether it is a mattress made of natural materials, such as latex mattresses, palm mattresses, or traditional sponge spring mattresses. If there is a pungent smell, it means that there is a certain problem with the mattress. If the mattress is made of natural materials, it will have a faint fragrance. If it is fake, it will either have a pungent smell or We can directly identify the smell of that industrial essence by smelling it. The second is to look at the workmanship, observe whether the internal process and material quantity of the mattress are the same as the product description, check whether the spring is rusty, whether the interior needs to be cleaned, and finally choose the mattress hardness that suits you. It will have adverse effects on the human spine.

To sum up, how do you choose the mattress that suits you best? First of all, you have to choose a type you like, and then it is best to go to a physical store to experience it for yourself, and carefully observe whether the workmanship and filling of the mattress are the same as the product description , it is best to choose a reliable big brand, such as mattresses for bedding, the material selection and workmanship are guaranteed, and the after-sales service is very good, which makes people feel at ease and worry-free! Related recommendations: How about mattresses Election? It is critical to pay attention to these issues!

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