How to ensure healthy sleep

by:JLH Mattress     2023-03-05

In recent years, more and more people suffer from insomnia. Many young people are suffering from insomnia. Some people, after a night's sleep, instead of feeling refreshed after waking up, experience physical aches and discomfort. Symptoms, which means that the quality of sleep that night is not a healthy sleep. How to get a healthy sleep and get rid of troubles such as insomnia and poor sleep? Let your sleep consultant——, come and tell you the answer!

A good mattress is the key to healthy sleep. There are many reasons for insomnia, but if the reasons of the body are excluded, the sleep experience brought by a good mattress and a bad mattress is completely different. Experts from the Sleep Institute tell us that this is what a good mattress should look like. It can provide us with precise spine support, so that every part of the body can be effectively supported, ensure that the body weight is reasonably distributed, and adjust the appropriate support, which can resolve our natural sleep. The damage caused can effectively promote the blood circulation of the human body, making our spine sleep more natural, more relaxed and healthier, so as to achieve the ideal state of deep and healthy sleep. If the mattress you choose is not suitable for you, then there is no way to give the body a good support during sleep, and it will lift the waist and cervical spine of the human body, so you are also exerting force when lying down. Over time, it is inevitable. Soreness and lumbar protrusion occur, and the result is that the more you sleep, the more likely you are to suffer from insomnia, and the more insomnia you have, the higher the requirements for the sleeping environment, falling into a vicious circle. The reputation of mattresses among users has always been very good. The experts of the research institute are committed to making every user sleep at ease and comfortably. Therefore, a lot of effort has been made in the supporting force of the mattress, which is carefully designed according to the curve of the human body. , to provide different supports for different weights and different efforts of the seven parts of the head, shoulders, back, waist, hips, legs, and feet. In addition, premium mattresses also have higher requirements for air permeability, dehumidification, quietness and anti-bacterial and anti-mite performance, so that users with sensitive skin or light sleepers can also have a safe and healthy sleeping environment.

If you want to have a healthy sleep, in addition to having a good mattress, you must also learn to use the mattress correctly. The human body will excrete a lot of water and dander when sleeping, so we should also pay attention to the hygiene of the mattress and properly protect the mattress. It also has a matching four-piece home textile set, and the sleep effect is even better when used together! Related recommendations: healthy sleep

Sleep is really important to our work and life. Sleep is the best developmental period for children. Having a healthy sleep can not only promote development, but also benefit physical and mental health. For adults, the only way to get a good night’s sleep , Only then can we have a full mental outlook to meet life the next day. So when you feel that you are not sleeping well, you might as well try changing a mattress for yourself first!

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