If you want to pursue a healthy home space, should you choose a formaldehyde-free board or a formaldehyde-free board for custom furniture?

by:JLH Mattress     2023-02-28

A healthy life is something that cannot be ignored for every family. As a common health killer, formaldehyde is threatening people's bodies all the time. Many times, the furniture will emit a pungent smell. This is because the formaldehyde content of the board has exceeded the standard, causing pollution to the room. Especially if there are elderly, pregnant women, and children in the home, the harm of formaldehyde will appear greater. pay attention. At present, if you want to pursue a healthy home space, you must first remove formaldehyde, in order to prevent the harm caused by formaldehyde to a greater extent.

With the advancement of home aesthetic awareness, more and more consumers now choose customized furniture with personalized design and worry-free to improve the appearance and function of the whole house. Customized home furnishing not only has excellent quality, but also reflects an exclusive attitude to life. In addition to fashionable design, high-end furniture needs to pay more attention to the environmental protection and health of the product, in order to give users a more comfortable living experience. When it comes to environmentally friendly boards, the market now focuses on 'formaldehyde-free', and aldehyde-free boards have become a kind of decoration board that consumers in the home furnishing industry pay more attention to.

In fact, formaldehyde-free does not mean that there is no formaldehyde at all, but refers to the use of formaldehyde-containing additives on the production board, not completely zero formaldehyde. Even if there is no formaldehyde board, the amount of formaldehyde released can be detected. The definition of formaldehyde-free board is to use wood or non-wood plant fiber material as the main raw material, process it into various material units, apply formaldehyde-free adhesive or no adhesive, and do not add other additives containing formaldehyde. The artificial board is called aldehyde-free added board, or aldehyde-free board for short. Formaldehyde-free board has more advantages than ordinary EO grade board, and has better waterproof performance and deformation resistance.

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