Is a spring mattress better or a brown mattress? Which one is more suitable for you?

by:JLH Mattress     2023-03-03

Whether the mattress is suitable for you can largely determine the quality of our sleep. Nowadays, when buying a bed frame, many people choose the style they like casually, but when buying a mattress, they go through many comparisons and investigations. Many people will check online before buying a mattress. For example, is it better to have a spring mattress or a brown mattress? Which mattress is more comfortable to sleep on? Which mattress is more suitable for you? So today I will introduce you Advantages and disadvantages of various mattresses!

There are so many types of mattresses on the market today, it is difficult to make a choice if you do not understand the characteristics of each mattress. For example, spring mattress or brown mattress? We need to analyze and compare the characteristics of the two materials in order to choose the one that suits us best. Let’s talk about the spring mattress first! Many people hear the spring mattress, and the first reaction is the old-fashioned, easy-to-deform, and loud-sounding mattress. In fact, the current spring mattress technology is very mature, and the spring has good resilience. It is a very suitable mattress for many people with uncomfortable waist and neck, as well as people with heavy weight. With different fillers, different hardness and functionality can be achieved.

However, after we buy a spring mattress, we must remember to remove all the plastic protective film on the mattress, so as to ensure that the water vapor accumulated in the mattress can be effectively discharged, and better extend the service life of the mattress. It will cause water vapor to corrode the spring, which will affect the balance of the mattress. Is a spring mattress better or a brown mattress? In addition to analyzing the material characteristics, this question also needs to be compared in parallel with the workmanship and quality of the mattress. Now a good spring mattress, such as a spring mattress, each spring is independent, hundreds of sets of independent springs can perfectly support the receiving point of the supporter, ensure uniform pressure, reduce the burden on the body, and it is completely silent, not easy out of shape. Such a mattress can give people a good sleeping experience.

Now that spring mattresses are better than brown mattresses, let's analyze the characteristics of brown mattresses again! Coconut palm mattresses are very popular among brown mattresses, which are also representatives of plant fiber mattresses. The raw material used in the coconut palm mattress is the coconut silk fiber on the surface of the coconut shell, which is woven and pasted to make a mattress. Compared with the traditional spring mattress, the main feature of the brown mattress is that it has strong air permeability and moisture drainage, but its elasticity is not enough, and the surface is hard, so it is not suitable for the elderly and heavy people, because it is too Hard mattresses can easily cause compression or damage to these two groups of people. It is good for children to sleep on this mattress. It has good air permeability and can also help the development of the spine. Related reading: Advantages and disadvantages of coconut palm mattress

After reading the above analysis, it is not difficult for us to find out whether the spring mattress is better or the brown mattress. There is actually no completely accurate answer to this question, but the applicability of the spring mattress is indeed stronger, but it is also difficult to choose when purchasing. Be sure to pay attention to whether the brand and quality of the product are guaranteed!

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