King Size Beds Are Not Created Equal

by:JLH Mattress     2020-05-16
Are you in the market for a king size bed? If so, you might wonder what the difference is between a standard King and a California King (sometimes called an eastern king and a western king). The standard king is 76' wide and 80' long. With two people, that gives each 38' of width for sleeping - or less if you like to cuddle! For most couples, the standard king offers the most personal space, especially if you tend to like to stretch out a bit. On the other hand, tall people may select the California king. At 72' wide and 84' long, this option still provides 36' of width for each person in a couple and tall folks generally won't have their feet sticking out the bottom of the bed since it is 4' longer than a standard king. Very tall people, those close to or more than 7 feet tall, can sleep diagonally on a California king for the tallest non-special order mattress option. There are a few challenges to overcome when selecting a king size bed. The first is whether the bed will fit in your bedroom and still leave you room to negotiate around it. While bedrooms in the western United States tend to accommodate larger furniture, very real size limitations exist in urban eastern settings where space is at a premium. Before you start shopping for a new mattress, measure your room including the other furniture you already have there and make sure the bed you select will fit. You may even want to create a paper model of your room with all the furnishings made to scale. Second, do not forget to check the dimensions of your doorway, hall, stairs, etc. to make sure that you can actually get your new bed into your room once you buy it. Most king beds come with two box springs since they are less flexible when moving the bed than the mattress itself. Another tricky thing about king size beds is that they are heavy and awkward to move so be ready. One person on their own is going to have a very difficult time moving a king size mattress. The third consideration is purchasing accessories such as mattress and box spring encasements or mattress pad and pillows. In either case, you will want to buy based on the size of the king bed you select. Most often, people purchase a minimum of either two king size pillows or three standard pillows but some folks like to sleep with a bunch of pillows. Your personal preference will come into play when selecting the number of pillows you want on your bed. And last, make sure that when you go to buy bed linens that you select the ones to fit your mattress (and pillow) size. The two sheets sizes are not interchangeable, especially when you are talking about the fitted sheet. If you bought a California king mattress, you need to buy California king sheets. The same thing goes with a standard king. When it comes right down to it, your choice of a standard king or a California king will depend in large part on your body type and the style of sleep you and your partner have. Either way, enjoy your z's in your new extra-large bed!
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