Mattress Manufacturer: What is a general mattress made of?

by:JLH Mattress     2022-06-08
Mattress is a thing, one-third of your life is accompanied by it, so have you known about the item that has been with you for a long time? Next, the mattress manufacturer will explain the general What is the mattress made of? The composition of the mattress The mattress is mainly composed of three parts: fabric, filling layer, support layer. (1) Fabric: As the skin of the mattress, fabric is embodied in two aspects: tactile sensation and visual effect. At present, mainly knitted cotton occupies most of the market. It is because of the ordinary that there are all kinds of incredible concepts, such as antibacterial, constant temperature, aroma, air conditioning fiber and so on. Don't pay attention to these details, they are all gimmicks. (2) Filling layer: At present, there are three main materials for the filling layer on the market: polyester foam, memory foam, and latex. 1. Polyester foam: Sponge products are the cheapest among these three materials, and their quality is also relatively poor. The support and breathability are far inferior to latex and memory foam. Manufacturers choose this material mainly based on cost considerations, not user experience. The environmental performance of the product is relatively poor. 2. Memory foam: invented by NASA in the United States in 1966, it is a specially developed aircraft seat cushion material mainly to reduce the pressure on astronauts when they lift off the ground. And in 1991, the tempur product was officially launched to the society. Its excellent support and human body fit quickly won the favor of people. Disadvantages: Poor air permeability, sensitive to temperature, soft when exposed to heat, and hard when exposed to cold. Since the product is a petrochemical product, there is an odor in the low-grade product. 3. Latex: As a relatively windy filling material, it is mainly environmentally friendly, green and healthy. (3) Support layer: The springs of early mattresses were constructed as a whole, which was called the whole mesh spring. The main advantage is that it has good support, the overall feeling is hard, and the price is cheap. The disadvantage is that this structure can affect the whole body. With the advancement of technology, people are becoming more and more demanding. The independent pocket spring also came into being. Each independent spring is added to the fiber bag or cotton bag separately, and it is arranged in a specific way and connected to each other. In this structure, each spring is independent of each other and bears pressure, which is softer and more expensive than the whole mesh spring. Since each spring can be made individually, more personalized designs can be created.
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