Mattress manufacturers share: Are latex mattresses suitable for the elderly and children?

by:JLH Mattress     2022-05-25
Is latex mattress suitable for the elderly and children? Next, the mattress manufacturer will explain to you 1. Is the latex mattress good for the elderly? Latex mattress is a relatively good mattress. It has good air permeability and can meet the For people of different weights and age groups, the good support of latex mattresses can adapt to various sleeping positions of sleepers. So is it suitable for the elderly to sleep on a latex mattress? What should the elderly pay attention to when sleeping on a latex mattress? The latex mattress is made of rubber tree sap collected from rubber trees and foamed at high temperature. It has a variety of excellent properties and is suitable for high-quality human health. Modern green bedding for sleep. Latex mattresses are mainly divided into the whole area, three areas, five areas and seven areas. The meaning of zoning is to design the mattress according to the gravity generated by various parts of the body during sleep, and to better support and protect the body through the hardness of different zones, so as to achieve the effect of high-quality sleep. Latex mattresses are antibacterial, anti-mite, and breathable. The ventilation holes of the latex have an adsorption function, which can ensure the rapid absorption of human sweat, achieve ventilation and dehumidification, and give the mites no chance to survive, which fundamentally guarantees the health of sleep and is no longer harmed by mites. The frankincense emitted by the latex mattress can repel mosquitoes and promote people's sleep, and the latex mattress has no static electricity and is beneficial to human health. . Therefore, it is very beneficial for the elderly to sleep on a latex mattress. 2. What should the elderly pay attention to when sleeping on a latex mattress? For the elderly who suffer from lumbar intervertebral disc aging, 85% of the patients who sleep on a hard bed can have obvious relief of symptoms. It will cause the mattress to be low in the middle and high in the surrounding area, affecting the normal physiological flexion of the lumbar spine, causing contraction, tension and spasm of the muscles and ligaments of the waist, and aggravating the symptoms. Therefore, the elasticity of latex mattresses is very important. About whether it is okay for the elderly to sleep on a latex mattress and what to pay attention to when sleeping on a latex mattress for the elderly. 3. Can children sleep on a latex mattress? Children are the treasures of their parents. When it comes to children, many parents always have endless topics. They want to prepare the best for their children. When the child is not growing up, parents are afraid that it will affect the child's growth if it is not good to eat or use, and even prepare the most comfortable mattress for the child to sleep. Recently, it is very popular among parents to buy children's latex mattresses for their children, saying that they are very good for children. So can children sleep on a latex mattress? How to choose a suitable latex mattress? 1. Parents don't have to worry, whether it is teenagers, children or babies, latex mattresses can be used. It is moderately soft and not too hard or too soft. Its elasticity is very good, no matter whether a heavy person sleeps on it for a long time, there will be no deformation and so on. If you are concerned about the mattress being too soft, you can choose a denser latex mattress, or choose a latex spring mattress, which is also suitable. 2. This mattress has good air permeability. This mattress is suitable even for overheated children. We don't need to worry about the adverse symptoms such as fever and cold when the child sleeps. In addition, the poor ventilation of ordinary mattresses can easily lead to the breeding of mites, which can cause skin diseases, especially for young children, which will not only affect the skin health of children, but also cause a series of problems such as contact dermatitis. 3. Compared with the mattress we usually use, our human body and its contact area are larger, which can effectively disperse the weight of the human body, play a good load-bearing capacity, and also help to correct the child's poor sleeping position. Very good bactericidal effect. Latex mattresses have good air permeability. Even if the child is getting the bed wet, we don't have to worry about the smell on the mattress affecting the child's sleep quality. Fourth, pay attention to buying children's latex mattresses When we choose, we should pay attention to whether its air permeability is good, how elastic it is, whether it is comfortable and so on. Since the main object of its use is children, children's latex with novel shapes can be selected, which is not only conducive to stimulating children's imagination, but also conducive to promoting children's intellectual development. When every child's health is very important to parents, there are various mattresses on the market today, and many parents don't know which mattress is good, so they often get into trouble. The above is about whether children can The introduction and purchase of sleeping latex mattresses, I believe that everyone will understand after reading it. Friends in need can refer to it, hoping to help everyone.
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