Mattress manufacturers share the selection skills and mattress types of thin mattresses

by:JLH Mattress     2022-05-24
In order to provide guests with a healthy and comfortable sleeping environment, so that guests can have a better rest in the hotel, mattresses have become indispensable soft furniture in guest rooms. However, in the face of a variety of mattresses on the market, mattress manufacturers teach you how to start? In fact, the more important point is to fully understand the characteristics of various mattresses, so as to make better choices and provide better services for guests. 1. Common types of hotel room mattresses for hotel supplies: 1. Palm mattresses: This type of mattress is mainly made of palm fiber, with a hard texture, so the price is relatively low. In use, it is not durable, easy to deform, has poor bearing capacity, and is prone to moth-eaten, mildew and other phenomena. 2. Spring mattress: It is a type of mattress that is widely used in hotels. It has the advantages of good elasticity, strong bearing capacity, strong air permeability, and durability, so it is deeply loved by consumers. 3. Modern palm mattress: It is mainly made of mountain palm or coconut palm, and then added with modern adhesive, which has the characteristics of environmental protection. The characteristics of the two are: the mountain palm has better toughness, but the bearing capacity is not strong, and the coconut palm has better bearing capacity, but it is relatively hard. 4. Water mattress: It is mainly a mattress made of the principle of buoyancy. It has excellent characteristics such as buoyancy sleep and therapeutic effects, but the air permeability is not very good. 5. Latex mattress: Latex is divided into synthetic latex and natural latex. The former is derived from petroleum, and its elasticity and air permeability are not very good; the latter is derived from rubber trees, which is soft and comfortable, and has good air permeability, but the production cost is high. 6. Air mattress: This type of mattress is easy to store and easy to carry. It is more suitable for temporary extra beds, travel and other situations. 2. It is still necessary to choose a comfortable mattress. The quality of the mattress is still more critical. We must know that if the mattress is not good, then it will be uncomfortable for us to sleep on it, which will affect our sleep. quality. The following mattress manufacturers will introduce you to the selection of thin mattresses. 1. First of all, when we are choosing, we should look at the appearance of the mattress, whether its appearance color can meet our needs, and whether the size of the thin mattress is what we want, and then check whether the surface is not. Flatten it and see if there are any jumpers. 2. When choosing, you can listen to its echo, especially the spring mattress. If you hear that kind of creaking sound, it means that the spring of this mattress has been rusted. Use your hands to tap the mattress, In this way, you can feel the softness of the mattress, and then press it with your hands, so that you can feel the resilience of the mattress. 3. You can also use your nose to smell the mattress when you choose it. If the mattress you choose has a strong smell, then such a mattress is not recommended. 4. You can also lie down and try the comfort of the mattress. First of all, we will test the supporting force of the mattress on other parts of the body, and secondly, the supporting force of this mattress on the waist, if it can fit well It fits the human body, which means that this is a very healthy mattress.
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