Mattress manufacturers teach you to identify real and fake natural latex mattresses

by:JLH Mattress     2022-06-04
Mattress manufacturers teach you to identify real and fake natural latex mattresses: Before distinguishing between natural latex mattresses and synthetic latex mattresses, the editor of Jinan mattress wholesalers will first let us know the difference between natural latex mattresses and synthetic latex mattresses. The natural latex mattress is anti-mite, antibacterial, breathable, good for sleep, resistance and other functions. A synthetic latex mattress, of course. There are some of these functions, but they are not as good as natural latex mattresses, and they can also cause health damage. Another issue is price, natural latex mattresses are expensive. Jinan mattress manufacturers compare that synthetic latex is cheap. To compare natural and synthetic latex mattresses, natural and synthetic latex mattresses are usually identified by four methods: smell, look, touch and press. One, smell: 1. Natural latex mattress latex is a kind of rubber sap collected from rubber trees, which is produced by high-tech equipment and various patented technologies, which are used for die-cutting, foaming, gelling, vulcanization, Washed, dried and shaped. Materials with a variety of excellent properties. Despite being washed a few times and dried at 70 degrees, latex mattresses will still have the same gummy smell as condoms when you buy them. The smell usually takes a week or so to dissipate. 2. Mattresses made of synthetic latex, the mattress will have a great smell, the smell is a bit like a silkworm in spring, or it is very smelly, it is very irritating to open the nose, and it smells very uncomfortable, the raw materials of synthetic latex are from oil refining . In addition, some merchants use milk, lavender and other artificial flavors to mask this smell, so that consumers cannot smell the original smell of synthetic latex mattresses. However, a year later it is still very irritating. Jinan Mattress Factory Second, the touch: the natural latex mattress will have an elegant and moist feeling, a bit like the astringency of a tire. Like anything else, synthetic latex will be very soft and there is no difference between rubber and wet glue. 3. Appearance: The synthetic latex will be very regular, and the rounds will be very round. The natural latex will be irregular, and the round hole will burst in one or two places. Fourth, pressure: press the pressure and see if the rebound is strong. Natural latex mattresses can be difficult to snap back to their original shape quickly. To distinguish between natural latex mattresses and synthetic latex mattresses, you can not only use it to distinguish by appearance or smell, touch and press, we can also judge by many combinations, but the road is high and the magic is high, you No matter how powerful it is, if the merchant wants to deceive you, it will only take minutes. Buying a recommended genuine natural latex mattress depends not only on the consumer's wisdom, but also on the merchant's reputation. Therefore, please buy a natural latex mattress with guaranteed quality.
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