Mattress manufacturers tell you: practical methods for mattress anti-mite

by:JLH Mattress     2022-06-06
The mattress manufacturer tells you that the practical methods for preventing mites in mattresses: You can put wormwood leaves in the mattress, and use the aroma of wormwood leaves to expel mites without any harm to the human body. Instead, it can help people sleep better and achieve high quality. The effect of sleep; another method can be to add bamboo kun to the mattress production, which has a natural anti-mite function. 1. Ai Ye. Mugwort is the nemesis of mites. Friends who have actually seen wormwood leaves must be unforgettable for the rich aroma of wormwood. In fact, the mystery of wormwood's ability to expel mites lies in this rich aroma. Because this aroma is unforgettable for humans, but it is like a stink bomb for insects, making it unbearable, so mugwort leaves can be very good at repelling mites. But few people know that there is an item that mites are very afraid of. This item is what we often see in our lives - mugwort leaves! Therefore, putting mugwort leaves in the mattress can well drive away mites, and use the aroma of mugwort leaves to help people get better sleep, and this method is completely harmless to the human body! Is mugwort leaves harmful to people? Putting mugwort leaves in the mattress, using the aroma of mugwort leaves to expel mites is not harmful to the human body, but can help people sleep better. This is because mugwort leaf is a plant that can be used as medicine in the whole plant, and the health care effect of mugwort leaf is very good, and the aroma of mugwort leaf is harmless to people, which has been proved by practice, so using mugwort leaf to expel mites in life is completely useless for human body. Harmful! It can be said that the use of mugwort leaves to expel mites is a pure natural and pure green way of extermination! 2. Bamboo fiber. Bamboo has a good self-protection in nature during the growth process, and rarely gets sick and insects, indicating that bamboo itself has natural antibacterial properties, and at the same time can resist external pests and diseases. Scientists have discovered that there is a unique substance in bamboo, named 'Bamboo KunAs for bamboo fiber, certain technology is adopted in the production, so that its ability can be retained in the bamboo fiber without being damaged, so that it has the function of anti-mite.
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