Mattress manufacturers tell you several ways to identify the quality of mattresses

by:JLH Mattress     2022-05-23
Mattress is one of the necessities of people's life, and its quality has a direct impact on human health. At present, there are three common types of mattresses on the market: brown mattresses, spring mattresses, and cotton pads. Consumers can choose suitable mattresses according to their economic conditions and hobbies. Due to the high price of genuine mattresses on the market, some high-quality mattresses are often plagued by fakes. Therefore, the author introduces several simple identification methods for consumers to refer to when purchasing brown pads, spring pads or cotton pads. 1. Look at the quality of the mattress from the product logo. Whether it is a brown pad, a spring soft pad, or a cotton pad, the product logo has the product name, registered trademark, manufacturing company or manufacturer name, factory address, contact number or fax. , and some also have a certificate of conformity and a credit card. The vast majority of mattresses without factory name, factory address and registered trademark sold on the market are inferior products of inferior quality and low price. 2. Judging the quality of the mattress from the workmanship of the fabric In addition to cotton pads, brown mattresses and spring mattresses have more beautiful and beautiful mattress fabrics. The high-quality fabrics are quilted with consistent tightness, no obvious folds, no floating lines and jumpers; the seam edges and four corner arcs are well-proportioned, no burrs are exposed, and the dental floss is straight. When pressing the mattress with your hand, there is no friction inside, and the hand feels firm and comfortable. Inferior mattress fabrics tend to have inconsistent quilting elasticity, floating lines, jumper lines, uneven seam edges and four-corner arcs, and uneven dental floss. 3. Looking at the authenticity of the mountain brown mattress from the filling With the popularization of the concept of green consumption and healthy consumption, the brown mattress is recognized as a natural green mattress and is favored by consumers. However, due to the scarcity of natural mountain palm raw materials and the high cost of making mattresses, counterfeiters often sell coconut palm pads, hemp pads, cardboard pads or plastic foam pads as natural mountain palm mattresses. The mountain palm mattress is made from the leaf sheaths of palm trees growing in the mountains at an altitude of about 2,000 meters in southwest my country. Static electricity is generated, and the price of pure natural mountain palm mattresses is generally 1500 yuan to 1800 yuan. Coconut palm mattresses are made of coconut peel fibers of coconut trees grown on the coast or river banks in the tropical regions of southern my country. Its elasticity, toughness and air permeability are slightly worse than those of mountain palms. The cost is low, and the price is generally between 500 yuan and 1000 yuan. The hemp palm mattress known in the industry is made of green hemp and jute as the main raw materials. Its elasticity, toughness and air permeability are poor, and it is easy to be affected by moisture. It is easy to be moth-eaten and deformed after long-term use. Its price is generally around 300 yuan. . Some criminals take advantage of consumers' lack of understanding of mountain palm to sell hemp palm mattresses and coconut palm mattresses as natural wild palm mattresses, and even cut formed thick cardboard or foam plastic sheets into mattress sizes and put them on After the fabrics pretend to be natural mountain palm mattresses to deceive consumers. Fourth, from the perspective of internal materials, the advantages and disadvantages of spring soft mattresses The number of springs used in spring mattresses and the diameter of steel wires determine the softness, hardness and moderation of spring mattresses. Press the surface of the spring mattress with your bare hands. If the spring sounds, it means that the spring has a quality problem. From the internal materials of the mattress, check whether the spring has been treated with anti-rust, whether the spring is rusted, whether it uses worn sacks or moldy warp knitting mills, and the floc-like fiber cushioning material opened from the scraps of clothing factories, and whether plastic ropes are used. Position pads. If it is found that the spring is rusted, the inner lining material is a worn sack or a flocculent fiber product opened with industrial scraps, the spring soft mattress is definitely an inferior product. 5. Pay attention to 'black-hearted cotton' when purchasing cotton mattresses 'Black-hearted cotton' is the name for inferior cotton. 'Black Heart Cotton' mattress is a mattress made of fibrous industrial waste, medical fibrous waste, regenerated fibrous substances, waste clothing and other waste fiber products as raw materials. Mattress fillers have one of the following characteristics: 'Black Heart Cotton' mattresses: the content of impurities or short fibers below 16 mm exceeds the national mandatory standard; contains unwashed animal hair or down; contains bleached fibers or other substances ; Does not meet the relevant hygienic requirements in national standards; contaminated by toxic and harmful substances or moldy deterioration.
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