Mattress manufacturers: Why do people like to buy latex mattresses?

by:JLH Mattress     2022-06-09
Why do people like to buy latex products? From latex gloves, latex pillows to latex mattresses, they are very popular among the public because of their environmental protection and comfort. Say it, I hope it can be helpful to everyone. Latex is a very environmentally friendly material, which can improve the quality and effect of sleep. The raw materials of latex mattresses are all sourced from the Thai rubber forest, which is the golden area of u200bu200bnatural latex. The latex of the mattress is obtained from the sap of the rubber tree, which is extremely precious because each rubber tree can only produce 30cc of latex per day. At the same time, a latex product needs at least one day to one and a half days to complete the production, which is a very time-consuming product. The natural latex mattress is a process of moulding, foaming, gelling, vulcanization, washing, drying and molding of the rubber tree sap collected from rubber trees through exquisite technical processes, combined with modern high-tech equipment and a variety of patented technologies. Modern green bedding with a variety of excellent properties and suitable for human healthy sleep produced by processes such as packaging and packaging. After processing, the latex has a special molecular structure, and there are many air holes with a small mesh structure, also known as honeycomb pores! It also makes the latex mattress have good comfort and breathability, so that the air can automatically circulate, and the human body can be discharged. 1. Ultra-high elasticity: The ultra-high elasticity and fit of natural latex allow the latex mattress to adapt to people of different weights and naturally adapt to any posture and posture of the sleeper. The fit of the body can reach 95%, while the fit of ordinary mattresses and the body can only reach 60-75%. Natural latex can also improve backache and insomnia caused by sleep. 2. Orthopedic function: The latex mattress is 3-5 times larger than the ordinary mattress in contact with the human body, which can evenly disperse the bearing capacity of the human body's weight, and can automatically adjust the poor sleeping posture, so that the spine can relax and recover, so it has an orthopedic function. Features of latex mattress: 1. Non-toxic, anti-mite and anti-bacterial, anti-allergic 2. Strong elasticity, it can buffer the pressure of the human body very well. 3. It can effectively improve cervical spine, lumbar spine and lower blood pressure. 4. Latex pillows can effectively reduce snoring and are suitable for asthma patients. 5. Designed according to ergonomic principles, it can effectively promote sleep. 6. The honeycomb structure has good air permeability and quickly dissipates the heat generated by the human body. 7. It can effectively reduce the static electricity generated between the human body and the fiber. 8. Durable (up to 15 years), no deformation. 9. It is formed by a high-tech scientific formula, which is durable and will never be deformed. The maintenance method of latex mattress is also very simple: 1. Avoid direct sunlight exposure. 2. The latex mattress needs to be turned over regularly. In order to avoid excessive pressure on the local mattress, it is recommended that you turn the mattress over once or turn around to use it in 3-6 months, so that each part is evenly stressed, so as to maintain the balance of the mattress elasticity and prolong the life of the mattress. cycle of use. 3. Natural latex products will oxidize with air after using for a period of time, and the color will gradually turn yellow, which is a normal phenomenon, and there is no need to worry.
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