Mattress wholesale manufacturers introduce the classification and purchase methods of mattresses

by:JLH Mattress     2022-05-22
People spend one third of their time in bed, sleep is closely related to physical health, and mattresses directly determine the quality of sleep. Faced with all kinds of mattresses on the market, how to choose a mattress that suits you? Let me share with you the types and purchasing skills of common mattresses. The mattress wholesalers will give you a comprehensive introduction to the main categories and purchase methods of mattresses. 1. Introduction of common mattress types 1. Palm mattress It is completely made of natural palm fiber, which is in line with the trend of environmental protection, and is not easy to deform. It has a certain effect on waist, neck, spine diseases or bone hyperplasia. However, in the production process, latex is used to stick the raw materials together, so it is easy to emit an unpleasant odor, easy to be eaten by insects or mold, and it is not very comfortable to use in the southern coastal areas. 2. The spring mattress has the characteristics of good elasticity, good support, strong air permeability, durability, etc., and can provide better support and support for the human body; however, the traditional connected mattress is a circle of wires. The springs with thicker diameters are connected and fixed with steel wires, which will lead to a higher hardness of the mattress, and the entire mattress will change when it is turned over. Therefore, when purchasing a spring mattress, it is recommended to be in the form of an independent pocket spring system to ensure continuous deep sleep. 3. Memory foam mattress Memory foam, also known as slow-rebound space material, is a special material that can absorb the huge pressure generated by rapid speed. Therefore, a mattress made of memory foam can memorize the 'S'-shaped curve of the human spine, prepare to shape the contour of the body, decompose the pressure of the human body, and change the hardness according to the temperature of the human body. However, many consumers have responded that memory foam mattresses are too soft and generally supportive. It is recommended to choose a mattress style that combines memory foam and independent cylinders to make sleep more comfortable. 4. Latex mattresses are generally made of polyurethane compounds or natural foam. The porous structure of latex makes it highly soft, resilient and balanced, which can meet the needs of people of different weights, and its good support can adapt to various sleeping positions of sleepers. However, its water absorption is also relatively strong, so the mattress is easy to get wet. And about 3%-4% of people will have allergic reactions to natural latex, affecting their health. 2. How to judge the quality of the mattress (1) 'Look': Judging the quality of the mattress from the workmanship of the fabrics When looking at the quality of a mattress, what is intuitive and can be observed with the naked eye is the fabric on its surface. The high-quality fabric feels comfortable and flat, with no obvious wrinkles or jumpers. The problem of excessive formaldehyde in mattresses also often comes from mattress fabrics. In order to save costs, some manufacturers use fabrics and sponges with excessive formaldehyde content, which damages human health. (2) 'Smell': Judging from the smell of mattresses Mattresses made of safe and environmentally friendly natural materials, such as mountain palm and pure latex pads, are green and environmentally friendly, but their cost is high, and many counterfeiters often use polyurethane with excessive formaldehyde content Compound or plastic foam pads pretend to be natural mattresses. A high-quality mattress that does not smell pungent. (3) 'Try': test the degree of softness and hardness to identify the quality of the mattress Generally Europeans prefer soft mattresses, while Chinese prefer hard mattresses. So is the firmer the mattress the better? This is definitely not the case. A good mattress should be moderately firm. Because only a mattress with moderate hardness can perfectly support every part of the body, which is beneficial to the health of the spine. There is no absolute standard for the purchase of mattress wholesalers, and they all vary from person to person. It is the right choice to choose the one that suits you. (4) 'Disassembly': Disassemble and inspect the filler to judge the quality of the mattress The quality of the mattress mainly depends on its internal materials and fillers, so it is necessary to observe the internal quality of the mattress. If the inside of the mattress is a zipper design, you may wish to open it and observe its internal craftsmanship and the number of main materials, such as whether the main spring reaches six turns, whether the spring is rusted, and whether the inside of the mattress is clean and tidy.
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