Mattress wholesale manufacturers need to pay attention to what aspects to buy mattresses

by:JLH Mattress     2022-06-01
What aspects should mattress wholesalers pay attention to when buying mattresses? Today, I will talk to you about one thing that you may not change for more than ten years - mattresses. It has been with us for so long and has a profound impact on our sleep quality, but many people don't pay much attention to it. Let's take a look at the following misunderstandings and see if you are caught. Misunderstanding 1: Refuse to experience Only by actually trying it can you know whether it is suitable for you. The first-hand experience is more than just poking and pressing with your hands, it's about lying down for a few minutes. Myth 2: I just like firm/soft mattresses For example, many of my relatives like firmer mattresses. Go to the store and always want something harder. However, it may feel good to fall asleep on a hard mattress, but when you wake up, your back is sore, as if you had moved bricks overnight. Therefore, when you choose a mattress, you must choose a moderately soft and hard mattress, so that every part of your body can be supported, and your sleep quality will be better. Different groups of people have certain preferences as a whole. Children's mattresses When children are growing and developing, their bone growth and development have not yet been fully finalized, so they should choose a slightly harder mattress. A firm mattress is good for a correct sleeping position and preventing skeletal spine curvature. Be careful, don't be too hard. At that time, it will be too hard, tossing and turning on the bed and unable to fall asleep will not be worth the loss. You can choose a mattress made of pure cotton fabric, but also pay attention to environmental protection. In addition, due to the long body, children's mattresses need to be replaced every 3 to 5 years. The elderly Many elderly people have poor waist and legs, such as lumbar muscle strain, lumbar disc herniation, and low back and leg pain. Then the younger generation wants to let them rest better and buy some thick and soft mattresses. However, many elderly people often feel very tired when sleeping in such a bed. It is better for the elderly to sleep in a firmer bed. A firmer mattress can reduce the burden on bones and reduce back pain. Hard mattresses are supportive, and it is easier for the elderly to turn over when they are sleeping, and it is better to use strength. Misunderstanding 3: The more expensive the mattress, the better. Good things are generally expensive, but expensive ones are not necessarily good, or all are suitable for you. We should consider several key indicators (support, fit, breathability, anti-interference), and consume rationally. Misunderstanding 4: Never clean mattresses Many people clean bed sheets regularly, but, mattresses, have you cleaned them? Spilled snack residues, spilled aunt stains, children's urine... How many years have we used a mattress, the accumulated stains are a bit scary to think about. Therefore, when changing sheets, you can use a special vacuum cleaner for cleaning; the wet part can also be dried with a hair dryer after absorbing water; if conditions permit, you can also regularly remove mites.
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