Mattress wholesale manufacturers tell you how to choose a mattress scientifically

by:JLH Mattress     2022-05-22
Mattress wholesale manufacturers tell you how to choose a mattress scientifically 1. Judge whether you need a new mattress Mattress also has a lifespan. Generally speaking, the lifespan of a mattress is generally about 8 years, which means that if your mattress If it has been used for more than 8 years, then a new mattress should be considered. Of course, there are exceptions. Some mattresses have a lifespan of more than 8 years, so how do you judge whether you need to replace them? A relatively simple way to judge is to start from your own feelings. After you wake up from a sleep, whether you feel back pain or uncomfortable lying on it, it is recommended to consider replacing a new mattress. 2. Choose the type of mattress The mainstream mattress types on the market today are: brown pad, integral spring mattress, independent spring mattress, latex mattress, and hybrid mattress. Different types of mattresses have their own advantages. Next A brief introduction to everyone. 1. Integral spring mattress The springs of the whole net spring are connected by threaded springs, which have good support and flatness. Because the cost is not high, they are widely used. Many brands at home and abroad use this kind of spring. But this kind of spring structure is a whole. When a person turns over during sleep, it will affect the entire bed surface. If your sleeping habits are not good, your bed partner will be affected. But the price will be relatively cheap. 2. Brown pads Brown pads are almost the hardest mattresses in all mattresses. They are more suitable for those who like to sleep on a hard bed, or those who have spinal curvature, deformation, or lumbar disc herniation. In terms of price, brown mattresses are also cheaper than other types of mattresses. 3. Pure latex mattress Latex mattresses have become popular in recent years, and have always been the main products of merchants, mainly made of latex. In order to avoid impulse spending, you can look at the advantages and disadvantages of latex mattresses. Soft and comfortable, it can be seen from the appearance; the force is more uniform, you can think that it is composed of countless independent springs, so the force area with the human body is larger; the hardness is softer than the brown pad, which is more suitable for patients with People with cervical spondylosis or curvature of the spine; suitable for various sleeping positions, better support is the biggest advantage; good air permeability, mites are not easy to accumulate. Real pure latex mattresses are more expensive, and some people may have latex allergies, so you need to pay attention. It is worth mentioning that latex products should not be exposed to the sun. 4. The independent spring mattress of the mattress wholesale manufacturer The independent spring mattress is that each spring operates independently. When turning over, it will not affect other people, nor will there be any noise, allowing you to sleep more peacefully; the outside of each independent spring Packed in independent bags to avoid worms and rust; the most important independent springs can be handled according to ergonomic partitions, as shown in the figure below, to keep your spine in a straight line, relax your body, and relieve the pressure on your body; price Relatively ordinary springs will be a little higher. Previous12Next
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