Mattress wholesale manufacturers tell you the 5 major misunderstandings of mattress use

by:JLH Mattress     2022-06-02
Mattress wholesale manufacturers tell you the 5 major misunderstandings of mattress use Mattresses are people's intimate 'partnersFor mattresses, it may affect the effect and lifespan of use, which in turn affects the quality of sleep. Let's take a look at these misunderstandings, have you been 'hit'? 1. Do not tear the packaging film when using the new mattress New mattresses are usually covered with a packaging film in order to prevent pollution during transportation. Many consumers feel that 'it would be a pity to buy a mattress with a lot of money if it gets dirtyOn the contrary, it is not breathable, and it is more likely to get damp, moldy, and even smelly. Countermeasure: Before using the mattress, tear off the packaging film and place the mattress in a ventilated place for a period of time to ventilate the interior of the mattress and keep it dry. In addition, after using the mattress for a period of time, you can also put the mattress upright and blow it with a fan. In addition, you can use a dehumidifier to let the mattress breathe fresh air occasionally. 2. Sleep directly on the 'naked' mattress Some people sleep directly on the mattress in order to save the trouble of making and washing the sheets. As everyone knows, this will make the average loss of about 500ml of water per night during sleep, and about 1.5 million dander cells metabolized every day, will be directly 'absorbed' by the mattress, and will penetrate into the mattress from the outside to the inside over time. , contaminating the mattress making it a breeding ground for mites and bacteria. Countermeasure: Before laying on the fresh and soft sheets, you can put a protective pad on the mattress, which can not only protect the mattress, but also increase the comfort. 3. Sheets and blankets are used as sheets. The sheets and blankets that are not in use at home are directly used as sheets. Basically, every household has done it. After all, it is convenient and saves money. In fact, this method is not appropriate. First, the sheets and blankets are thicker than the sheets, and it is more stuffy to sleep on them; 'Mattress. Countermeasure: Whether you use bed skirts, protective pads, fitted sheets or sheets, it is all to protect the mattress. Sheets are not just a spacer between the mattress and the human body, it also protects the mattress from direct soiling to a certain extent. In the process of using the mattress, the above 5 misunderstandings will basically be 'hit' by everyone. Use the mattress correctly, avoid mistakes while protecting the mattress, and create a more comfortable and healthy sleeping environment for yourself as much as possible. 4. The mattress will not be turned over for a long time. Spring mattresses have a characteristic. If you often sleep on one side, the mattress is prone to unevenness. Because of the continuous force at the point of force, it is more likely to lose support. If you sleep in one position for a long time, the wear of the spring and quilting layer of the force point will be more serious, which will not only affect the sleeping feeling, but also affect the service life. Countermeasures: Regularly replace the left and right sides of the mattress. If the mattress is used on both sides, the front and back sides can be replaced. The replacement frequency is best to be reversed every 2-3 months, which is conducive to the uniform stress on the mattress and prevents local collapse. 5. Never clean the mattress One night '2 million mites sleep with you' is not an alarmist. After all, 1 mites can become 300 in 3 months. Especially on mattresses that have not been cleaned for a long time, or there are children's urine, spilled drinks, and aunt stains leaking from the side, which provide favorable conditions for the breeding of bacteria and mites. Countermeasure: Every time you replace the sheets, you can use a vacuum cleaner for mattresses for cleaning. If you accidentally get the mattress wet, you can use a towel or paper towel to absorb the moisture and blow dry with a hairdryer. If conditions permit, you can also hire a professional mite removal team to do regular mite removal cleaning.
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