Memory Foam Mattress Consumer Review

by:JLH Mattress     2020-06-12
If you've started your search for a memory foam mattress, you've undoubtedly run across a lot of information in one consumer report that disagrees with the information in another one. That's not startling because of the fact that there's so much written on the world wide web about memory foam and so few people who really know anything at all about the stuff. To begin with, a mattress buying guide report must be written by a person who fully grasps the facts about the ingredients that the products are made from. The majority of people have gotten their supposed facts from hearsay or from a co-worker who only learned what to tell customers so that they would buy the certain product she or he was selling that day. That's OK if the mattress is a good quality one but how can you know what makes for a great quality memory foam mattress? Are there any standards you can check for when starting your search for the product that will send you into the peaceful sleep you need instead of causing a nightmare for you? Consumer Report Review Well, the good news is that you can cut down on what's required to find the perfect foam mattress with just a little bit of research. There are really only a handful of things that are critical for you to know about these mattresses before beginning your search. Without doubt the most essential thing you ought to inquire about is where the foam for the mattresses was poured and it is only one of two places: The U.S. or somewhere else. The reason this is so critical is that visco elastic foam poured somewhere else can be very toxic due to the unknown ingredients used in the foam pouring process. Some non-US foam manufacturers use anything at all, if it's inexpensive, in the ingredients for their visco foam. Toxic chemicals like PBDE's, CFC's, Formaldehyde and several others might be inside the mattress you are considering spending 1/3 of your lifetime sleeping on. These kinds of chemicals just don't make for a nice place in which to sleep... for you or your children. Because of U.S. regulations, you will not find these dangerous ingredients in the formula of the visco foam that's manufactured here. It will greatly behoove you to make this a number one priority when you begin your search for your new mattress. But toxicity isn't the only concern about foams formulated somewhere outside the United States. Those chemicals can make a mattress feel too hard, stink horribly and sleep too hot for most of us. These are the very qualities that make people think of these mattresses negatively. If you choose a cheap or low priced memory foam mattress, there's a good chance that you'll get one that's made using a few of these chemicals and your results with your mattress will be an unpleasant one.
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