Should the new mattress be made of latex or coconut palm?

by:JLH Mattress     2022-01-15

After the house is renovated, we naturally need to buy a new mattress, because it can match the new house well. Choosing a high-quality bed sheet is very helpful for our sleep. , Then someone will ask whether the mattress material should be made of latex or coconut palm? I will take everyone to discuss it.

Is it good to use coconut palm as the material?

The coconut palm bed is made of coconut silk and mountain brown silk. The mountain brown silk refers to the dark brown brown fiber of the palm tree, and the coconut silk is the light yellow fiber in the coconut peel .

Whether latex is used as the material?

The raw material of latex mattress is made of rubber juice. The rubber juice is evaporated and dried into a hair mold. Because it has many pores, it has good air permeability; and latex mattress has Strong resilience, it is difficult to cause deformation, but also anti-mite and sterilization, can flexibly meet the needs of friends of different weights, and strong support can also make it adapt to more sleeping positions.

In short, latex mattresses and coconut palm mattresses have different advantages. If you insist on distinguishing which kind of mattress is good, I think you should first determine the user group, such as children. For the elderly, because the children themselves still need to develop and the elderly are weaker, you can choose a harder mattress such as coconut palm mattress, which can also support various parts of the body; and for middle-aged people People can choose latex mattresses to give them a comfortable sleep.

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