The Benefits of a Memory Foam Mattress for a Good

by:JLH Mattress     2020-04-24
What are the different types of mattresses available in the UK? Coil Spring Mattress Pocket Spring Mattress Memory Foam Mattress Memory Pocket Mattress Coil Spring Mattress A coil spring mattress is the most basic type of mattress on sale. These beds are constructed from a long continuous spring unit, this is then covered in a variety of fillings and then covered in a damask mattress ticking. Pocket Spring Mattress A pocket spring mattress is a higher grade bed as it is made from a number of individual springs which are enclosed. This helps to spread weight evenly giving better support allowing for a more restful sleep. A good pocket spring mattress is available to buy from about A�200 for a double size. Obviously they are also available in king size and also IKEA sizes. Memory Foam Mattress A memory foam mattress is a quite new type of bed and is made from a man made foam. This foam allows the bed to mould to the users individual body shape and provides excellent support for your bones and muscles. The main difference between a normal bed and a memory foam bed is the lack of springs. These beds also have a removable cover which can be washed which makes the bed look like new. Memory Pocket Mattress This bed makes the best combination of the two types of premium mattress, pocket spring units and a memory foam top layer, the base gives optimum support and the top gives optimum comfort. Which bed is right for me? Now you know what range of beds there are, which one should you go for? We have tested hundreds of different beds using various factors and a intricate scoring system. By giving scores for good points and taking double points away for bad points, we can come to a complete score for each bed. The mattress which came top of the survey was the memory foam mattress. Our testers found that this was the most comfortable mattress and offered the best comfort even for people with back problems. The key benefits of memory foam are that they are long lasting and maintenance free, they are also very cheap to buy and are widely available. We have found that the internet offers the best variety and choice and also the best value for money. High street sellers can be expensive although convenient. Thank you for reading this article and we hope that you now have enough information to make the right choice.
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