The History Behind The Sealy Mattress

by:JLH Mattress     2020-05-20
Sealy Mattresses is a large company that has over 25 manufacturing plants based throughout the United States. The company started from humble beginnings in the late 1800s and was started by a man called Daniel Haynes. He started the company very small in a tiny Texas town and mainly sold to locals. Sealy Mattresses were primarily made of cotton and he developed a machine that could compress this material at a denser rate than any other manufacturer could produce at the time. This meant that Sealy Mattresses were more comfortable and also lasted longer than a lot of products on the market. He was able to charge a premium on the price and this attracted a lot of affluent customers who were looking for that perfect night's sleep. Although Sealy Mattresses are more mass marketed throughout the United States and the UK this has not led to a slip in quality. The original owner decided to sell the company over 80 years ago and Sealy Mattresses have continued his philosophy of innovation and technology used in mattresses to help people with their posture and also get a better night's rest. The company are extremely focused on helping people get to sleep and also share a bed without compromising their nights rest. When you buy Sealy Beds you are in fact getting over 120 years' worth of experience and also a company that makes and patents a lot of the designs that are globally recognised for orthopaedic benefits. As well as developing mattresses, Sealy also have a range of divan beds within their product range. The Sealy divan bed has been marketed in such a way that it essentially delivers a sound nights sleep while doubling as bedroom storage unit. One of the latest technologies to be revealed by Sealy is the Memory Foam Mattresses. The company continues to constantly improve the surface areas of their mattresses to ensure that they have various health benefits as well as delivering a sound nights sleep. Technologies such as the reducing the risk of allergies from dust mites and using breathable fabrics to keep one cool while sleeping are now standard in most Sealy mattresses. The company is continuously expanding and has survived the great depression and also the recent credit crunch. This shows the strength of their product line and commitment to it's customers in terms of consistently pushing forward with design and technology while remaining competitive and cost effective in a rapidly changing marketplace.
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