The hotel mattress tells you why the hotel mattress is so soft?

by:JLH Mattress     2022-05-26
Every traveler will find a problem, that is, hotel mattresses are always more comfortable and softer than home mattresses. What's going on? The hotel mattress manufacturer came to tell me that it's because the hotel mattress is more expensive than the mattress in your home! It's such a simple answer. The most important thing in a hotel restaurant is to make customers stay comfortable and comfortable. Therefore, when purchasing hotel mattresses, hotel restaurant salesmen will need to pay attention to various problems of mattresses. 1. From the internal raw materials of hotel mattresses, check whether the mattresses are generally healthy in body and mind. The internal raw materials of hotel mattresses are all brown, natural latex, memory foam, sponge, etc. The internal raw materials of other bad mattresses, such as Appears: black heart cotton, weed cushion, waste paper board, lime powder board, etc. Therefore, when purchasing a hotel mattress, you must see the internal raw materials and distinguish whether the mattress is physically and mentally healthy. Sleeping on an unsuitable mattress for a long time will endanger the physical and mental health of the spine. Many people's back pain is also caused by not choosing the right mattress. 2. The hotel mattress looks at the quality of the elastic soft mattress from the internal raw materials. The total number of elastics of the Simmons mattress and the size of the stainless steel wire cable diameter determine the comfort of the Simmons mattress. When you lightly press the surface of the Simmons mattress, if the yellow sound is heard, it means that there is a product quality problem. If it is found that the elastic is yellow and rusted, the inner felt cotton is an old hemp bag or a flocculent non-woven fabric opened with industrial leftovers, the Simmons mattress is a fake and inferior product. 3. The quality of the hotel mattress is distinguished from the quality of the fabric. The fabric of the high-quality mattress is tight and loose, with no significant wrinkles, no floating lines or leaks; the edges and four corners are evenly curved, and there is no exposed burr. The floss stick is vertical. When the mattress is pressed hard, there is no friction inside, and the touch is firm and comfortable. Fake and inferior mattress fabrics are usually quilted with inconsistent tightness and looseness, with floating lines, leaking lines, uneven edge wrapping, and uneven arcs at four corners, and the dental floss stick is not vertical.
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