Three tips for dehumidifying wardrobes

by:JLH Mattress     2023-03-01

The method of dehumidification of wardrobe is mainly manifested in the following aspects:

1. Dehumidifier dehumidification: It is a relatively common dehumidification appliance on the market. Adding a small amount of fragrance ingredients to the chassis can integrate functions such as dehumidification, aroma, mildew resistance, and deodorization. It is suitable for use in homes, basements, warehouses, hotels, etc. It is ideal for use in hospitals and other industries.

2. Dehumidification of the dehumidification bag: The principle of the dehumidification bag is similar to that of the moisture absorption box, but the contents are mainly charcoal and water-absorbent resin. After absorbing water, it becomes jelly-like and is not easy to be broken into pieces. The use range is relatively wide, and it is more suitable for placement in a small space, such as a closed space such as a wardrobe, shoe cabinet, etc., you can hang a bag of dehumidification bags to remove moisture. Leather goods, paper collectibles, cameras, pianos, computers, etc. in the home can all use it to help dehumidify. If placed in a closed space, the moisture absorption effect is better. You can also place some rose petals in the wardrobe and shoe cabinet, which indirectly dehumidifies in the process of drying.

3. Lime moisture absorption method: In rainy days, quicklime can be wrapped in cloth or sacks and placed in the wardrobe to keep the indoor air dry. Lime is supposed to be a cheaper moisture remover and is available everywhere, a good and simple adsorbent.

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