Three Tricks To Make Your Bed More Comfortable

by:JLH Mattress     2020-06-13
My main priority when moving into a new apartment or home is my bedroom. Ever since I was a kid, my bedroom has been something of a sanctuary for me, a place to get away from parents or roommates. Therefore, my bed has always been my favorite place to sit in my room. I need a comfortable place to sleep. A bad bed means back pain for me. A spring digging into the spine all night is uncomfortable for anyone. There are a few ways to correct this problem. A quick fix is buying memory foam that you lay under your mattress cover. This actually helps more than you'd think and can last a good amount of time, like a year or so. After about a year of having one on my old mattress, I started feeling my springs again. I started thinking about the length of time I had my old mattress. It was upwards of 10-12 years. That is just an old mattress needing to be replaced, which brings me to option two. The second option to making your bed more comfortable, which when I say comfortable I mean softer or less worn in, is simply buying a new mattress. This option makes sense when you think about how long you've had a mattress. It's amazing how many back pains are related to your bed and how a good night's sleep can be enhanced with finding the right mattress. This can be an expensive option, though. I understand that. Pillow tops are a way to enhance your new bed. Some pillow tops come with your new mattress; however there is a combination idea that I decided to do with my mattress. So the third idea for no longer feeling springs dig into your back at night involves buying a new mattress and a pillow topper. What I did was buy the cheaper mattress, by cheaper I mean less soft, but still firm like a new bed. Then, I decided to buy a pillow topper to add to the top of my mattress. These can also be expensive, but I felt like it was the most financially sensible route for me. Having a pillow top means you have to watch what size sheets you buy. Check the measurements and look for deep pocket fitted sheets, or something along those words. You want 'deep' in there to compensate for the added inches pillow tops bring.
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