Tips On Mattress Protectors - Which One Should I Buy?

by:JLH Mattress     2020-06-14
Mattress & Pillow Protectors, Which One Do I Buy? When buying a mattress or pillow protector there are a few criteria you must take into consideration before you make your purchase. You spent a third of your life in bed so choosing the correct protector will not only keep your mattresses and pillows in pristine condition, but it is beneficial to your health, as it will help keep dust mites, bed bugs, allergens, bacteria and other nasties from infesting your bedding. There are many types of protectors on the market. Terry towel, cotton quilted, full encasement, pva backings, tpu backings, tencel materials, anti-bacterial, fitted, strapped, waterproof, non- waterproof and so on. So how do we know which one to buy? You must first look at your specific needs. Are you or a family member suffering from bed bugs, dust mites, asthma, allergies, incontinence, child bedwetting or just want to have peace of mind knowing your bed is clean hygienic and stain free. Let's take a look at some of these protectors and hopefully make it easier for you to make a decision on the correct one for you. Quilted protector: They have a quilted pattern top usually made from a mix of cotton and polyester material, and have a cotton- poly filling inside, made for mattresses and pillows. They come in different thicknesses for comfort and price. You can get them fitted or strapped styles, which is also a factor in price. Usually most quilted protectors are not waterproof, so there is no barrier from allergens or liquids damaging mattresses and pillows. Although if you prefer the feel of thicker quilted protector there are some quilted waterproof protectors on the market, you might have to search around to find them. Terry towel waterproof protectors: The terry towel protector is the most common waterproof protector you will find on the market. They have an absorbent terry towel top and a waterproof membrane backing and usually come in fitted style. This is a much thinner protector than the quilted type as it has no filling, made for mattresses and pillows. They will protect to top side of the mattress. These are the perfect protectors if you have problems with, incontinence or bed wetting, as it will prevent absorption of liquids and allergens thus keeping your mattress and pillow stain free. Note: You get what you pay for. The more expensive protectors usually have the better quality towelling tops and waterproof backings; Make sure the product has a guarantee for washing, drying and comfort. Mattress encasements: The mattress encasement does what is says, it fully encases the mattress, pillow or bed base, thus protecting top bottom and sides. It is made of a stretch polyester material designed to be bed bug proof and usually has a zipper to close. There are two types of encasements, waterproof and non- waterproof, designed to prevent bed bugs and dust mite infestations. The non- waterproof encasement has been designed to protect bed bugs from entering or escaping the encasement, will not protect against dust mites, or liquids. The waterproof encasement is made of the same material but has a waterproof membrane inside making it impervious to bed bugs, dust mites and liquid stains. This is a perfect solution for asthma and allergies sufferers as is a barrier to allergens infesting mattresses and pillows.
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