What is an independent spring mattress?

by:JLH Mattress     2022-01-19

With the advancement of science and technology and the continuous development of society, people are using more and more brains, which leads to the greater pressure of young people at work. Most of them want to sleep well, so they pursue the quality of sleep. It’s getting higher and higher. A good mattress that suits you is very important. Next, the editor will introduce the independent spring mattress, which can give us a good sleep. Let us take a look at it. Where is it?

The structure of the independent spring mattress is that each independent spring is specially treated, put into a non-woven bag after pressure, and then connected and arranged, and then glued together to form a bed When the net is turned on, a layer of sponge is attached to the bed net to allow each bag of springs to be evenly stressed. This spring mattress will be more durable, and have better quietness and comfort.

1. Independent spring mattress is a kind of mattress with relatively high technical content in the mattress, and the process is not complicated. Therefore, the price of independent spring mattress should refer to the technical content. , May be higher than ordinary spring mattresses, but it is worth the price, so the price is also very high.

2. Strong independence, independent spring mattresses, because each spring body operates independently, supports independently, and can be stretched independently. Special couples sleeping and turning over will not disturb each other. It is also useful for couples’ lives. Help to ensure a stable and comfortable sleep.

3. The three-section partitioned independent spring designed in accordance with the human body design strictly in accordance with the ergonomic principle can flexibly expand and contract according to the human body curve and weight, support each part of the body in a balanced manner, and keep the spine flat Straighten the muscles to a certain extent and reduce the frequency of turning over during sleep.

After the above popularization, do you want to immediately replace the mattresses you sleep on with independent spring mattresses? I wish everyone can buy a comfortable mattress and get a good night’s sleep every night.

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