What is the best way to maintain mahogany furniture? How to maintain mahogany furniture?

by:JLH Mattress     2023-02-28

The mahogany furniture is precious in material and rare in craftsmanship, and has a very high collection value. After the mahogany furniture is bought home, proper maintenance and maintenance play a decisive key role in the appearance and service life of the furniture. So, how to properly use and maintain mahogany furniture? Today, Xiaobian will talk about how to properly maintain mahogany furniture.
A better material for mahogany furniture is of course beeswax. For this point, the editor has a right to speak, because as early as 2008 and 2009, the editor worked in a bee product company and could eat free honey, bee pollen and royal jelly every day. learn. The main components of beeswax are: acids, free fatty acids, free fatty alcohols and carbohydrates, in addition, carotenoids, vitamin A, aromatic substances and so on. Beeswax is commonly used in food, medicine and skin care products like pills, body washes, lipsticks, rouge, etc. Environmentally friendly, without any additives, very healthy. Now we use it to protect furniture, of course it is better.

However, our common beeswax is solid. If the traditional waxing method is used, the required equipment and materials are complicated, the process is many and time-consuming, and it is extremely inconvenient to operate at home. Therefore, the editor recommends the waxing maintenance method to everyone. Use liquefied beeswax (also known as liquid beeswax) to wipe furniture. A piece of furniture can be done in two minutes, which is simple and efficient. So how did this liquid beeswax come about? This has to introduce the production process of liquid beeswax to everyone.
The step in making liquid beeswax is 'purification', which is the removal of impurities from the beeswax. We need to put the prepared beeswax into the pot first, then add an appropriate amount of water to heat, and finally dissolve the beeswax into a liquid, it is better to burn the transparent liquid, and then put the transparent liquid that we have fired. Beeswax, pour it into an insulated container with hot water, let the impurities in the beeswax settle, and let all the impurities sink to the bottom of the insulated container. Then we take out the liquid beeswax and get the most purified beeswax.

The second step is 'emulsification', which is to liquefy the solid beeswax. The first is dilution: first put an appropriate amount of vegetable oil into a pot and heat it on fire. When the oil temperature rises to about 80 degrees, add the prepared beeswax. It is then stirred rapidly and constantly until the wax and oil are all incorporated into a liquid, which is finally cooled and placed in a jar. For mahogany furniture, a better vegetable oil is of course olive oil, so the liquid beeswax of our Donglin Academy is also natural beeswax melted with olive oil. After being melted in an ingenious proportion, the liquid beeswax is like water, with good fluidity, good penetration effect, and easy waxing and maintenance operations. Since both olive oil and beeswax themselves have aromatic substances, the combination of the two is fragrant and smells fragrant and charming.

With high-quality liquid beeswax, maintaining mahogany furniture at home has become simple and easy. Simply put, only four steps are required: 'cleaning, painting, wiping, and collecting'. Below we take broad-leaved Dalbergia (commonly known as black rosewood) furniture as an example to briefly introduce the four steps of waxing and maintenance.
1. 'Clean': During maintenance, we first wipe the furniture that needs to be maintained with cotton yarn to ensure that the furniture is free of dust, dirt and water stains.
2. 'Apply': Then pour out the liquid beeswax, spread it evenly on the surface of the furniture, and then spread it evenly with cotton yarn.
3. 'Wipe': Then use cotton yarn to wipe back and forth along the wood grain direction of the furniture.
Fourth, 'receive': Finally, wipe it again with clean cotton yarn, collect the excess wax, and you are done.

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