What is the structure of the spring mattress?

by:JLH Mattress     2022-01-20

When it comes to spring mattresses, I think everyone is familiar with it. When I was young, I didn’t know that there were spring mattresses, so I liked jumping on the bed. Bounce, it’s been 9 years now. The mattress in my room is still great. The spring mattress is the mattress that most families use now. It is mainly made of bed nets, fillers and fabrics, Spring composition.

Let’s first talk about its bed net layer, which is the heart of the entire mattress. It determines the quality of the mattress, and the quality of a mattress is determined by the coverage of the spring. It is also determined by the texture of the steel and the caliber of the spring core. There are probably several kinds of mattresses on the market: independent springs, connecting springs, and first-line steel springs. Among them, independent springs are better, and people can turn them while lying on the bed. There is no noise, it can withstand the balance of all parts of the body, the neck and waist of the body fit the mattress, and the body will not be numb due to too much pressure and blood circulation.

The next step is the filling. : Its appearance is mainly to make the mattress more comfortable and durable. The fillings of spring mattresses generally include sponge, knitted cotton, environmentally friendly cotton and so on.

The last one is the fabric layer: many mattresses are mainly made of pure cotton, with 3D breathable fabrics and fireproof fabrics. The better cushion surface fabrics are treated with anti-mite during the remanufacturing process, which can Inhibit mites and play a role of breathable and moisture-proof. Because the fabric layer is directly in contact with our skin, high-quality and healthy fabrics are very important for people. If it is fake and inferior fabrics, it is easy to breed mites and bacteria to affect the human body, and even cause neurasthenia and other diseases. .

Summarizing the above editor’s structural analysis of mattresses, every component of a spring mattress is important, which is closely related to human health and has a greater impact on human health. So when buying a mattress, you should pay attention to every detail of the mattress, so that you can buy a high-quality mattress and help the human body improve the quality of sleep. Okay, if you need more consultation on the mattress, you can click on our official website www.debao321 .com for more details, see you next time.

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