Why are high-end mattresses so expensive?

by:JLH Mattress     2022-01-22

Sleep is the foundation of people. In recent years, people have paid more and more attention to sleep and bedding. Among the many beddings, the close-fitting, comfortable, natural and environmentally friendly latex mattresses are sought after by consumers, and many of them are expensive. So why are all mattresses, high-end mattresses so expensive? What are the differences? Next, I will take you to understand:

High-end mattresses can meet the needs of people of different body types, and meet the needs of couples with large differences in weight and height. And it has excellent anti-interference. The heavier side of the husband and wife presses on the mattress and will not affect the other side of the mattress. Secondly, it has good elasticity and better support ability to adapt to people of different weights.

The mattress is close-fitting and comfortable, and has a large contact area with the human body. It can disperse the body’s gravity and reduce the burden on the body, so that the muscles of various parts of the body can be fully rested, creating a good sleeping environment and helping to obtain Better sleep. Moreover, most of the natural materials are used, which is very environmentally friendly and healthy, and there are more black technologies, and the effect of ventilation and moisture removal is better, giving people a more high-quality experience.

High-quality mattresses are expensive, especially latex mattresses with a thickness of more than 10 cm, which cost tens of thousands of yuan, which discourages many ordinary consumers.

But a good latex mattress can help us improve the quality of sleep. As the saying goes, it is hard for a daughter to buy an inch of time, and buying a high-quality latex mattress is a good investment for yourself.

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