Why are hotel mattresses more comfortable than home mattresses?

by:JLH Mattress     2022-05-21
Star-rated hotel mattresses can highlight the grade and status of the hotel, allowing hotel customers to sleep comfortably at night and better conduct business communication during the day. Hotel mattresses are more soft and practical. Therefore, it is very important for the hotel to choose a good mattress. To customize the most suitable mattress according to the different positioning of the hotel or the crowd, not only can make the quality and comfort of the mattress purchased by the hotel To be guaranteed and matched, it also highlights the differentiation of the hotel, thereby enhancing the market competitiveness of the hotel. For business people, most of them stay in star-rated hotels when they are away on business, and it feels good to live in a hotel, because hotel mattresses are more comfortable than home mattresses. Is the pad comfortable? After Xiaobian's research, it is found that the selection of hotel mattresses is very strict and must go through three tests. 1. Hotel mattress materials. If it is a latex mattress, it has high elasticity and can meet the needs of people of different weights, and its good support can adapt to various sleeping positions of sleepers. And no noise, no vibration, effectively improve sleep quality. In addition, there are some spring mattresses, etc., it is best to choose some mattresses with breathable materials. In this regard, the Dongbao mattress is really good, both support and breathability have been recognized by the hotel staff. 2. Hotel mattresses need to be personally tested. When purchasing a mattress, the touch of the hand is not enough to identify the quality of the mattress. The most reliable identification method is to lie down and turn left and right. A good mattress has absolutely no unevenness, and the bed edge is sunken. or the phenomenon of lining movement. When trying to sleep on a mattress, a good mattress can keep the spine in a natural stretch and fit the shoulders, waist, and hips completely without leaving any gaps. Of course, these are just some basic aspects. As professional sleep testers, their bodies are full of nerves. As soon as they lie down, they will know whether the mattress is good or bad, and many things are easy to do with handicrafts, and it is difficult to describe them in words or words. . If these field tests are carried out, the five-star hotel will also systematically inspect the brand, technology, craftsmanship and after-sales service of mattress companies. Five-star hotels generally choose international brands with excellent reputation. In fact, it also plays a role of mutual borrowing between brands. The selection of excellent brands by hotels can also highlight their own differentiation and hotel brand credibility. For example, Dongbao mattress, this brand is very good. Third, the elasticity of the hotel mattress. In order to identify whether the elasticity of the hotel mattress to be entered into the hotel is good, some personnel will use their knees to test the bed surface, or sit down at the corner of the bed to test whether the compressed mattress quickly returns to its original state. A good mattress that can be restored to its original shape immediately after being compressed.
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