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by:JLH Mattress     2022-05-20
Winter is here, and the temperature is dropping day by day. On such days, I especially love the bed. After taking a bath at night, relax and lie on the comfortable bed, have a good dream, and face study and work in good spirits the next day. So how can you choose a good mattress that suits you? Come and get a mattress with Yikang Furniture to buy small Tips~ Different groups of people are suitable for different mattresses Office workers: You can choose a memory foam mattress, which can be decomposed And absorb the pressure of the human body, according to the temperature of the human body to change the different hardness, accurately shape the contour of the body, bring a sense of pressure-free fit, while giving the body effective support. Adolescents: They are in the stage of physical development and their bodies have great plasticity. Especially during this period, attention should be paid to the protection of the cervical vertebrae. Most parents choose soft mattresses to comfort their children with heavy schoolwork so that they can sleep comfortably. , at ease. Infants and toddlers: The common baby mattresses on the market are sponge and spring. The spring material is more durable than the sponge material, and the number of turns in the mattress will be more, and the sponge mattress is made of polyester, so it will be lighter than the spring mattress, but no matter which material, the edge of the mattress must be There are vent holes, and when choosing a foam mattress, make sure its high density. The elderly: suitable for hard mattresses, mattresses suitable for the elderly, should make the human body in the supine position, maintain the normal physiological lordosis of the lumbar spine, and the lumbar spine is not scoliated. Therefore, as long as it is a mattress with a certain hardness, it will be fine. Mattress selection method The first measure: Dip some water with your fingers, and dip a little more on the mattress surface fabric to see if it is easy to fade. If the printed and dyed fabrics are easy to fade, it means that the heavy metals of the dyes are easy to stick to the skin and affect health, and secondly, it also shows that the selection of mattresses is not elegant. Of course, the process of dipping is also a process of touching, so you know how to do the fabric. The second trick: smell The new mattress should pay attention to smell whether there is any special smell. This is normal if it's a light scent of palm silk or a creamy scent of latex. If the smell such as glue smell is too strong, beware of harmful gases. The third trick: pat Select multiple parts of the mattress, especially a few corners, and tap hard. First, feel the elasticity of the mattress. If the elasticity is too poor, it is definitely not comfortable enough. The second is to feel the air permeability of the mattress. If you can feel the wind through the palm of your hand when shooting, it means that the air permeability is good. The fourth trick: lying down When buying a mattress, you must try to lie on the mattress for more than 10 minutes, so that you can basically judge whether the hardness of the mattress is suitable for you. Generally speaking, obese people can choose a firm mattress, one is because the weight is relatively large, and the other is because there is a certain fat layer, and the hardness can be adjusted. Thin people should choose softer ones, otherwise they will have a feeling of crumbly ribs when sleeping on them. The above are some tips on how to choose a mattress that suits you, see you in the next issue. Welcome to the public account of Yikang Furniture to learn more about mattress tips.
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