Your child’s sleep is critical, and the child’s mattress is also critical

by:JLH Mattress     2022-01-17

What we hope most is to sleep softly on the big and soft bed at home when we come back. It can be seen that a good mattress can help us sleep quality. It plays a very good role, choosing a sleep that is suitable for you and moderately hard and soft can bring protection. Therefore, when we buy a mattress, the choice of mattress material is particularly important. Parents of teenagers at home know that children are particularly prone to sweating when they sleep. If the mattress at home is not cleaned in time, mites will breed, causing bad symptoms of rashes on the body. So in order to prevent this from happening, most parents choose latex mattresses when buying mattresses. In addition, what other factors should be considered when choosing mattresses for young people at home?

1. Hardness

As adolescents are still developing, they are more prone to deformation. Soft beds and hard breaks are not suitable. On the contrary, mattresses with moderate hardness can provide good for teenagers. The support, relieve the pressure on the neck and buttocks, so that every part of the body can be in a relaxed state, so as to get a better sleep.

2. Breathability

Teenagers are active by nature and sweat better at night. If you use a mattress with better breathability to keep the mattress dry during sleep , While improving children's sleep quality, it can also reduce the growth of bacteria, so that the mattress is guaranteed.

3. Safety

The formaldehyde in fake and inferior mattresses is very harmful to the human body, and can even cause serious diseases such as leukemia and cancer. Other harmful substances will cause different human bodies. Therefore, when purchasing a mattress, you must check the safety of the mattress. For children, a mattress with moderate hardness is the most suitable. For example, a coconut palm mattress with moderate hardness is the most suitable. For example, coconut palm mattresses are naturally harmless, have moderate hardness, and have good air permeability. At the critical stage of development, they can well meet the physical requirements of young people.

Okay, the above is the relevant information for teenagers to buy mattresses for you from the editor. I hope to bring some help to parents. If you have more mattress information you want to consult, You can click on our official website of Debao Furniture: https://www.jlhmattress.com/ to get it. The headquarter is located in Shenzhen. The hotel has been developed and researched for 15 years. Quality is guaranteed and trustworthy. See you next time.

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